LIE Fundraising Efforts

Since 2002, LIE’s fundraising efforts have have positively impacted the lives of those in the local community through proactive fundraising efforts by our members.

Long Island Elite has been dedicated to giving back to our local community. We take a leadership role in helping Long Island not-for-profits and community organizations meet their fundraising and awareness goals.

Professional Mentoring

We have also made great strides with youth mentorship at our LIE Believe Symposium, a movement dedicated to inspiring young adults and business professionals to make our community a better place to live, work, and thrive.

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The Long Island Elite Presents its 16th Annual Fundraising Event: “Moulin Rouge Masquerade”

Thursday, October 21, 2021, 6:30 PM at Oheka Castle.

Charity Partner of the Year Initiative

In 2014, Long Island Elite started a new chapter of our legacy, changing the way we support and raise funds for local charities. We began selecting one local non-profit to be our annual charity partner each year. This initiative has been a tremendous success that has helped both our organization, and our partners succeed. 

2020 Charity Partner of the Year: SIBS Place (Survivorship in Brothers and Sisters)

Long Island Elite is thrilled to announce our 2020 Charity Partner of the Year…SIBSPlace (Survivorship in Brothers and Sisters), an affiliate of Mount Sinai South Nassau.

We are looking forward to partnering with SIBSPlace to help further our shared vision of positively impacting the lives of children and families in our community.

About SIBS Place

SIBS® PLACE, an affiliate of Mount Sinai South Nassau, is a free therapeutic program that serves children ages 5-17, who are living with a sibling with cancer or another devastating illness, or a parent with cancer. SIBS® PLACE provides support and attention to the unique experience and needs of the well children as they face the issues and conflicts related to the illness of their loved one. Professional mental health staff foster resiliency through the encouragement of peer support and creative arts activities. Parent group, bereavement services and summer camp are also offered. 

For more information, follow SIBS® PLACE on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, or visit:

SIBS Mission


(Survivorship in Brothers and Sisters) is a free program serving well children ages 5-17, who are living with a sibling with cancer or another devastating medical illness, or a parent with cancer. SIBSPlace provides guided therapeutic peer support to help well children develop skills to cope with the traumatic and emotional impact of a loved one’s medical diagnosis.

A Place Where A Child MATTERS Most

Mastery and Development of coping and empowerment skills helps increase a child’s self-expression
Attention is paid to the unique experience and needs of the well child
Therapeutic creative arts activities increase self-awareness and emotional vocabulary
Traumatic reactions are processed, feelings validated and a sense of consistency is restored
Education is geared toward decreasing confusion/misperceptions
Resiliency is fostered through group work facilitated by skilled professionals
Support through peer interactions normalizes the well child’s experience

Charities we have supported in the past include:

The Safe Center LI
New Ground Round Logo
Long Island Alzheimer's and Dementia Center
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Charity Gala

Long Island Elite has had a long tradition of giving back to Long Island’s local charities. The organization’s annual gala, held at the famed Oheka Castle from 2004–2017, was a prominent Long Island event dedicated to raising awareness and fundraising efforts for dozens of charitable organizations across Long Island.

Become a Charity Partner

If your Long Island non-profit organization shares our same values and would like to become our future charity partner of the year, we’d love to hear from you!